Here are some simple facts about the Studio, and what an Alona Pilates Studio membership entitles students to:

Includes: Pilates classes, access to the Westin 5th floor changing room: lockers, shower and towels.
Excludes: Gym and Swimming pool, Sauna and Jacuzzi.
Alona Pilates Studio is not affiliated with the hotel business. Alona rents space from the Hotel.
“I hope you enjoy the nice environment and the facilities available to us.”
Please, take the locker key only if it is necessary for you to change your clothes, as locker keys are scarce. Feel free to leave your belongings in the lockers inside the studio room also.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Class Bookings and Cancellations Procedure

Booking a Class
Write your name on the reservation list if you know when you are coming next. Make sure the class fits your level; if you don’t know, ask the instructor.
Send an SMS to 139 1029-0260 as soon as you know when you are certain that you can come next time. This especially applies if you have a busy and unpredictable schedule. Alona will let you know as soon as possible if there is a place available for you.

Cancelling a Class
If you sign up for the class and don’t show up or inform Alona with at least three hours advance notice you will be charged for the class.
Please notify Alona if you can’t attend class as soon as possible by sending an SMS to 139 1029-0260. Someone else might be able to attend class if you let Alona know in advance; if this is the case, you will not be charged for the class you cancelled.