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All of our instructors are certified through the Polestar Pilates Certification Program – an internationally recognized certification program, requiring at a minimum 700 apprentice hours. Most of Alona’s instructors have a lifetime of movement experience, either in dance, fitness, and/or personal training.


Alona Vostrikova - Chief InstructorAlona Vostrikova

Studio Founder

Alona is from the southern Russian city of Blagoveshchensk not far from the Chinese border. She graduated from the Graduating Physical Education University and has been a regular at the gym since 1995. She began her career teaching aerobics, step classes, spinning and yoga and then, capitalizing from her motivational skills, moved into personal training.
Alona first arrived in China in 1997.
Her love of Pilates has seen her spend more than eight years and 1500 hours dedicated to group Pilates classes and private sessions. She holds Pilates certifications through AASFP and Polestar Pilates Asia and she continues to upgrade her trainer education. Alona has competed in triathlons, adventure races and climbing competitions as she loves to challenge herself. Opening her first Pilates studio in China in 2005 was another challenge she had set for herself and one that has continued to reward her as she sees the benefits Pilates brings to her students. Alona loves what she does and her students can feel it!


Instructors: PetraPetra

Pilates Instructor




Instructors: LizLiz Crow

Pilates Instructor

Liz Crow is from North Dakota in the United States and has been a Group Exercise Instructor since 1999. She also has taught regular group fitness classes since that time with experience in Step, Circuit, Interval Toning, Body Bar, Body Pump and most recently in Pilates Reformer and Mat. Liz has over 50 hours of STOTT Pilates training including Intensive Reformer and both Essential/Intermediate Mat training. Liz also has a B.A. in English and enjoys many different types of physical activity including aerobics, dancing, swimming, walking and skiing. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with clients in the future as she has seen first hand the benefits and positive changes pilates can bring!