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Like traditional Pilates, Alona Pilates is designed to engage and strengthen your core waist and lower back muscles, helping to improve posture and prevent injury.

Unlike traditional Pilates, we deliver an innovative, intense and highly effective full-body workout designed to give you a slimmer figure and lean, toned muscles. Fast.

More than that, we pride ourselves in offering a personalized, motivational experience for all our students, regardless of fitness, strength and flexibility levels. Students of all ages, body types and fitness levels have benefitted from Alona's skill in providing individual attention before, during and after class time.

«I know all my students by name and which of my students might need extra motivation to really push themselves for a maximum work out.»

«All my students are different, and all my students have different needs.»

Unlike the gym, Alona's Pilates classes never have more than 14 people per session. Classes range from beginner to advanced levels, but are a guide only.

«At the end of the day, my students get as much out of each session depending on how much they are prepared to put in.»

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